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Only if specifically asked to do so. My reasons for applying to TB4 are as follows: Our PhD careers consultant Catherine Reynolds explains what this means for you: Your cover letter should be tailored to one specific vacancy or to a particular employer if you are applying speculatively.

This will depend on the position that you are applying for. A well prepared CV or application form will increase your chances of success in any sector and many PhD students and graduates have versions suitable for a range of sectors.

I am an engineer with two years of experience and presently I work in a renowned multinational company in the business of information technology. For new graduates or postgraduates, career profiles are not really necessary as this content will be addressed in your cover letter.

It just needs a bit of polish: PhD students and researchers wanting an academic career, our advice is to draw on four areas of expertise which tend to meet the requirements of an academic job spec: A simple version of this process appears on the careers page of Find A PhD.

Cover letters

Profiles can also be useful if you are asked to send a CV without a cover letter. You can visit us or email careers. Get Full Access Link. This brochure can be made available in alternative formats on request — please contact LSE Careers.

Is there a lot of white space or too much text.

CVs and covering letters for PhD students

Broaden your horizons and learn what researchers are doing in other institutions. In almost all cases your CV should be no longer than two sides of A4. Show them that you are capable of thinking clearly and you are a motivated, proactive learner.

All of this will be very useful information for a reference. One option is to list the experience in reverse chronological order. First, the range of clients TB4 works with is considerably broader than many of the other major IT consultancy firms that I have been researching. You should also think carefully about your choice of headings to highlight key experience.

We have free audio pronunciation exercises. In almost all cases though, you should send a word processed letter. Our seminars and events for PhD students and research staff will help you develop your applications.

Cover letters

The important thing is that the employer can see that your CV is tailored to them and not a generic CV that is being sent to every employer. Marketers spend fortunes trying to understand consumers and producing adverts encouraging people to buy their products.

The crucial element is that you are not replying to an advertised vacancy, but instead are writing on the off […] Alternative CV formats — functional or skills based CVs As you know, one of the most important elements in your job search toolkit is your CV.

This will help to ensure you are applying to the organisation or specific division that best matches your skills, motivations, and future plans. It is your job to decide how relevant that experience is to your application and to group and prioritise your experience accordingly to highlight this.

Effective preparation and doing your research will help you to stand out from the crowd though — here are a few tips to help you along the way. For information and advice on visa and work permits please contact the International Student Immigration Service ISIS or read the information on their website lse.

CVs, cover letters and applications

Your information is unique and to present it in the most favourable light you will need to make changes to any example you find.

Welcome Welcome to How to write CVs and cover letters. We have structured this guide around some of the most common questions that our careers consultants are asked by LSE students.

View a real cover letter for the London School of Economics Full Time position, Student. Access our database of cover letters for internships and recent grad positions. View a real cover letter for the London School of Economics Full Time position, Student.

Google is more likely to hire you if your resume includes side projects. • Book advice session or CV / cover letter check via Career Hub • CV and Cover letter resources in LSE Careers, 3rd Floor, Tower 3 Thank you for listening.

CVs and covering letters for PhD students

CV checklist 18 Cover letters 20 Further resources 1 Welcome Welcome to How to write CVs and cover letters. CV and cover letter feedback We have a dedicated team of CV and cover letter advisors who will go through these documents with you in one-to-one appointments.

Speculative applications can be an effective way of increasing your chances of getting a job. Essentially they involve crafting well written, tailored CVs and cover letters to an individual in an organisation who is in a position to hire you.

A guide to CVs, cover letters, and application forms A free guide, written by the LSE careers consultants and available only to LSE students.

Cover letter

Come to the LSE Careers resource centre (5th Floor, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre) to pick up your free copy.

Lse cv and cover letters
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